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Our Last Night Together
The rain bathed us in a baptism of gossamer droplets,
Diamonds on a flesh canvas too real to try and change.
The moon presided as a priest and our hands
Tied together like an afterthought of judgment.
I did not know the world beyond his arms.
Standing tall against the backdrop of a late-night
Gathering, our hearts flew through the cloudless
Haze of our souls, wingless yet still fluttering against my throat.
We were alive, seeing more than nothing within the widened
Pupils under our eyelids; No, we saw the rising inferno
Of our descent to desire. Bated breath we found no
Catch, only the ticking of time that refused to freeze our
Memories. His lips pressed promises to my knuckles,
Married to the expression of wonder on his face,
We were the first and last of that moment.
Whispered “I love you’s”, and cradled bodies
Wrapped in a longing for something without name.
I am wasted with my fidelity and his letter beneath
My pillow every night, the promise echoing in the cobweb
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The Hardest Thing
The hardest thing
          about giving love advice
      To the one you love....
Is that you are everything
           They are looking for...
                                 But never what they're looking at...
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The Watcher of the Cloud
You are like a cloud, when I look at you, I see a million different wonderful things. In your sunlight smiles showering me in rays of warmth, your water blue eyes drowning me in cloudless skies. The list goes on, long as your cracked fingers which wrap around my equally damaged ones; we don’t mind the discomfort. We are so alike and so afraid of love. We believe that no one is ours and we evade each other’s hearts in practiced dances of choreographed evasions, we are airborne but gravity bound, sucked into the torrent of the storm’s eye. When we reach out, are we holding on or are we sinking? Do I weigh you down, or you I? Do we watch the stars, or are we the glass lights on velvet curtains? When my heart beats does yours echo a reply of assurance that we are not alone in our cages of rib bone? Do you think of lips as much as me, are you as patiently impatient for the meeting of two into one? If a green thread meets an orange thread early into their existence, at what
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Moments of You
There's moments like these, just the little moments, where I watch you. Most of the time you aren't doing anything special, except being you of course, and that explains a lot when it comes to looking at you. I'm sitting with your sister as we watch you roller blading around the rink, showing off just as you promised. We're both laughing at you, nothing serious, just kindheartedly at your antics, trying to impress us. I can't speak for your sister, but I am impressed.
Twisting and turning you fly around and I am captivated by you, as if you were a fire bird, burning in the neon lighting and musk of the room. I can barely manage to skate without the use of a good wall, yet you my friend, are free. Just earlier you were helping me as we skated, I felt embarrassed and so childish in my shaky glides and wobbly movements. I was so afraid I was annoying you, someone who loved speed and intensity, while I was slow and soft.
I'll never forget your comment, "You don't trust to lean on me when y
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Ain't Misbehavin'
The smoke of the parlor room filled Jack’s lungs and he forced himself not to start coughing, his pinstriped vest felt uncomfortable on him but he chose to ignore its stiffness. Instead he ran his fingers over the ivory and ebony keyboards of his piano, the jazzy melody continuously playing despite the pianist’s unease. The cellist and other band members appeared completely at ease in their places and Jack, for a moment, envied them. He supposed it was because they had worked at the Pink Lotus for so long. The song soon came to a close and the youth stretched before quietly slipping of the stage. He stood by the bar as the jazz parlor’s manager took the stage and introduced the next number.
“We’re so glad you were able to come an’ see us again tonight!” E. Aster Bunnymund said pleasantly, “For our last number we’ll bring out our most requested employee, our Indian Flower, Miss Toothiana.” With that said the handsome middle-age
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'You're doing it a
"Coffee Shope Love"
“You’re doing it again, you know.” Anna sighed drawing her friend and co-worker out of her stupor.
“Oh, sorry.” Tooth smiled apologetically before resuming staring at the coffee in her caramel hands.
“Hey, we’re on break, why don’t you just ask the guy out?” Anna asked, brushing a stray lock of orange hair out of her eyes.
“Oh, I don’t know, because he happens to be the cutest guy at the lodge? Not to mention he’s also a sports star and model, he’s better off with the blond Barbie’s that stalk him day and night, not some coffee girl like me.” Tooth explained sarcastically.
“You do realize how ridiculous you sound right?” Anna asked, smirking a little. Tooth giggled and nodded, her gaze wandering over to the lanky brunette who was the subject of the two girl’s current discussion.  His brown bangs shaded his deep, blue eyes and don’t even get Tooth started
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Don't Leave Me Alone
Wind ripped through the ice cavern Tooth was currently barricaded in, stinging her eyes and causing tears to leak at their corners.  She crossed her arms and rubbed her hands up and down their sides trying to stay warm. Tooth tried to look up but she was immediately blinded by gust of snow and ice, covering her face with her hands the tooth fairy moved to the side of the cavern in hopes of shielding herself away from the icy blasts. With her wings gone Tooth felt bare and unstable, like a cat without its tail.
"Oh, Jack," she whispered wearily, "I'm sorry I couldn't save you." With Pitch having taken over Jack's body and Tooth being trapped here, the other guardians had no warning of Black Ice.
Tooth tried to rid her of the memory of seeing Jack changed into something he wasn't, his blue eyes turning black just as his white hair turned black and gray and his entire body encased with black sand. Tooth tried to fight off the evil that grew inside of him, but Black Ice slashed her wi
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I Will Love you for a Thousand Years
Tooth visited Jack's house many more times after that first time. She enjoyed watching him and sometimes she'd whisper about everything she did at her palace and the things she had seen in her flights around the world.
She of course had to make sure that no one ever followed her, whether the guardians or her baby fairies. That was the reason she left the tooth collecting to her fairies, she rather watch the young boys sleep and mumble in his sleep. Before she knew what was happening, spring turned to summer, summer to fall, and fall to winter.
The tooth fairy dressed warmly in those cold winter weeks, for the early settlers of Burgess had chosen a place that while warm in the summer season, was often bitterly freezing in snow season.
This night Tooth crept through the window as usual, her green cloak wrapped around her shivering frame. Sliding it closed, she quietly flew to Jack's bedside and hovered close to his sleeping figure. A fire crackled in the hearth of Jack's bedroom, the sam
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Frozen Memories
Wind ruffled Tooth's multi colored feathers as she flew through the warm air of Burgess. It was spring time in the early colony of North America and a few teeth had been shed in that small time where winter turns to spring. Tooth had brought a few fairies with to make the trip slightly faster and more productive than just her being alone. Pointing to the houses and cottages that needed pick-ups, Tooth headed to the cottage near the forest edge. Apple trees scattered the front and back yard with blooms and petals on the otherwise bare branches.
Softly opening a side window, the tooth fairy crept inside, her wings fluttering with a small hum that would be barely noticeable to human ears. She was in a room that much she knew. A little girl lay snoring in one bed while a young boy, almost a man, lay in the other. Tooth knew it had been the little girl who had lost the tooth, but insatiable curiosity drew her to the young boy instead. He was most definitely handsome; a small smile curved hi
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A Funny Feeling Comes with Mistletoe
North smiled warmly as the finishing touches were added to his home and toy factory. Lights twinkled and danced in every corner while trees glowed with ornaments and cotton snow. This caused North to frown slightly before waving his hand in a sweeping motion towards the trees. In the blink of an eye, the cotton was turned into glistening snow and North smiled once more. Barrels lined the corner of a long dining table near the far end of the room with pint sized jugs sitting waiting for the time to be filled and downed. Perfect for a drinking competition between him and Bunnymund. Grinning with anticipation the Guardian of Wonder cracked his knuckles and went off to his own quarters to dress for the evening. He would have to look especially well dressed if Aurora would attending the gala. Prepping himself would have to wait, however as he was almost floored be the Queen of Fairies as she flew into the ballroom with exceptional speed.
"Hello, North!" She cheerfully called. Toothiana was
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Frosty Kisses
Jack loved winter; it was his favorite time of year. A time where he could bring the first frost that would signal the beginning of the snow season. With a wave of his staff white flurries floated down from the over cast skies and coated the ground with cool kisses. Running through the air, Jack Frost shouted with glee, his icy blue eyes gleamed with the excitement of being a guardian for a full year. With Pitch being defeated for good, the guardians had finally been able to restore balance to the belief in the world, and in all that time, children's hope and faith in them had never been stronger.
As Frost finished icing the Midwest with soft, powdery snow, he smiled to himself in satisfaction. Another year of snow was now complete. Of course, he would have to continue his route for the next few weeks until early spring poked its head out of hibernation; such was the life of a winter spirit.
Gripping his staff loosely, Jack briefly wiped his snow white hair from his eyes and inspected
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Kiss me hard
I see your face,
Pale with sharp angles all over.
But a smile presses against
your light pink lips.
And I know
it's because of
Raven black hair,
Natural of course.
And forest green eyes
curtained by long,
Delicate lashes.
You pull me, all soft
and curves, so very different,
Towards your firm,
Slight figure and we
You murmur in my ear,
And I can't understand
One word.
But you smile and
Nuzzle me fondly, causing
Me to blush
You then brush
Tantalizing lips over
My aching skin.
And I helplessly
Beg for even
Your smile reaches
your eyes in satisfaction.
You want me as much
as I want you.
And lips crash into mine.
If angels could kiss,
It would be exactly
like this.
Our lips don't part
And we find no reason to
But our time is soon
up, and you must go.
I beg you to stay,
but you smile and say,
"Next time,
And you're gone
with a sad glance back
at me.
And then I wake up
as usual. Always
You only exist
In my mind, waiting
for night to cl
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My Little Girl
My baby girl, she's been gone,
I haven't seen her sweet face for so long.
They say she was taken, by a stranger in the night.
And since that evening, she hasn't been in sight.
She had the prettiest eyes,
pink cheeks and pearly whites.
She was my little angel, with golden wings,
And a sterling halo among other things.
I haven't seen her smile,or the light in her eyes.
So I pray each day, while I open my heart and cry:
Dear God, is she safe? Did someone dry her tears?
Did she find your grace, when she was lifted out of her fears?
Did your arms in circle her form,
Telling her she was safe and kept her warm?
Did you tell her I love, does she already know?
Is she telling me I need to let go?
And dear God, justice served?
When they find that man will he get what he deserved?
And God if you're still listening to me,
Give me the strength to be.
I wasn't expecting to be called that day.
When I heard the message, I said "I'm on my way."
And when I got there, I saw my little girl.
And I saw what
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Conveniantly Ignored
You don't see me, you don't even glance.
If we meet, it's by a lucky coincidental chance.
I'm known as the gentle giant, a shoulder for a cry.
I'm the ghost in the corner, a small whisper or sigh,
I dance by myself in the middle of the rain.
Laughing, as though I don't feel the dull, aching pain.
If I had wings, I would fly. No, I would soar!
But instead I walk alone, pounding on every door.
Please open up, don't leave me being conveniantly ignored,
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The Lonely Shadow
Sometimes, I do get lonesome. I sit alone and sigh,
I don't get upset anymore, I don't even cry.
But I wish someone would speak or even smile.
But they only talk to themselves, lips flappin' at 500 miles.
However, there are times when a kind soul stands,
They softly speak my name, and take both of my hands.
We'll talk and laugh, joking in the sunlight.
Sadly time will slip away, and the moon will rule the night.
And so they walk away, until I'm alone again.
Feeling lost with out having one single friend.
So I sit on a hill while the stars shine brightly,
And I speak to my shadow, the only one beside me.
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The rain splattered on the streets and houses of a small town in Japan. I the local high school, the rain was all Chihiro could think about as her English teacher Ms. Choniki taught about syllables and toher literary terms. Sighing, the 15 year old girl tried to turn her attention back to the lesson. This was her last class of the day before the spring break would start and she'd be free…to do what? Sit around and wait for something to happen in her current dull life? Yup, that sounded about right. Sighing once more, Chihiro fought the urge to slam her head against the desk.
"Is my class boring you, Miss Chihiro? If so, you might find it more interesting in the Principal's office down the hall. That way your sighs wouldn't be interrupting my teaching." Ms. Choniki glared coldly through her spectacles. Shaking her head, Chihiro tried to push down the blush that rose to her once pale cheeks as some of her class mates giggled.
"No ma' am, sorry, ma' am." Chihiro apologized. She held
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Heart of the Earth
Ted didn't like thinking about how much time had passed since that day that would live on forever in the history of the until recently named Thneedville. He was twenty four years old now, a strapping young man with the kind of height his grandfather would be proud of. He was lean, muscular where it mattered but not overly so. Unfortunately, as he had gotten older, and spent so much time reading and studying for his degree in business college he had ended up needed glasses.
His mother blamed his genetics, but Ted didn't mind that much. "They make me look smarter!" he had joked the day he'd gotten his rectangle glasses from the eye doctor. They were deep green, the colour chosen for a special reason that nobody had to ask why about, and had proudly worn them ever since he turned nineteen.
Things had indeed gotten better around the now named Greenville, that much had to be said. The skies were blue and beautiful, the seasons came and went as they were supposed to, the sun shone brightly e
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The amazingly gifted actor and comedian committed suicide today at the age of 63. He had been suffering recently with a rather hard bout of depression. He was my childhood hero, and the reason behind my laughter. It is with a heavy heart and teary eyes I wish this wonderful human being happiness and rest in heaven. I love you sir, one day I hope to meet you and tell you that.


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